Barry Cinnamon has seen a lot of history in the modern solar world.

Long before anyone had heard of the CSI (California Solar Initiative) or even the 30% ITC (Investment Tax Credit) and a lot of other common solar industry acronyms, Barry had founded Akeena Solar in 2001. Growing Akeena to become a national solar installer, Barry later created AC solar panel manufacturer Andalay (rebranded as Westinghouse Solar), which he subsequently sold in 2012.

Since then, Barry has continued in the solar industry as a local California installer, a racking manufacturer and a solar advocate, launching The Energy Show on KLIV Radio in San Jose and a podcast version on Renewable Energy World.

We’ve known each other since 2009, so I was delighted when Barry asked me to be on the show to talk about the state of solar marketing in 2015 and our collective insights for both B2B and the B2C solar marketers. There’s also some “Solar Fred” and Kiterocket history, as well.

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Tor “Solar Fred” Valenza is the chief marketing officer of Kiterocket’s Solar Lab. Follow him on Twitter at @SolarFred and @ImpressTweets.