More than likely, your employees are already on many social media networks—LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Leveraging this existing audience is easy to implement and delivers results fast.

  1. Encourage your employees to update their LinkedIn profiles with your company as their current employer as well as their current position. With LinkedIn’s 270+ million users, getting your employees to update their profiles instantly creates brand visibility and awareness.
  2. Use social media for any company- or industry-related news/updates. You may already do this through email or newsletters, but using social media for news/updates is a good first step to easing into being social.
  3. Identify the companies, brands, thought leaders, competitors, etc., who are successful on social media and see what they are doing. See what kind of content gets traction. This can help you get a better understanding of what your social voice will look like.
  4. Let your employees know you’re on these social media platforms. Creating awareness within your company is the least you can do. By creating internal awareness, you increase potential activity. Don’t be afraid to ask your employees to help share a piece of news/content if you think it’s useful/shareable outside of the company itself.

These easy implementations can lead to a number of outcomes such as brand awareness, visibility, brand ambassadors, increased Web traffic—all of which create a great foundation for a new social media strategy. Keep in mind that these are just a few of the simple things within your reach that any company can easily leverage.