Nine major industrial projects were signed in Suzhou

The online signing ceremony of several significant projects took place on May 6th in Kunshan, Suzhou City. There were nine key industrial projects signed online, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan, including the Xinshuo semiconductor project, high-end automation equipment project, new energy Li-battery probe module manufacturing project, and the Provision Electronics high-density mSAP project covering emerging industrial areas such as electronic information, intelligent equipment, new energy, and digital economy.

Xinshuo semiconductor project is invested by Junshuo Group, a semiconductor equipment company focusing on CMP (chemical mechanical grinding). Xinshuo semiconductor project will establish its headquarter base and R&D center, strengthen the layout of the semiconductor industry, and strive to build a leading enterprise in the semiconductor chemical-mechanical grinding equipment industry.

Provision Electronics’ high-density mSAP project is invested by Jiangsu Provision Electronics Co., Ltd., a sensor integrated circuit packaging carrier market leader. Provision Electronics’ high-density mSAP project will focus on the R&D and manufacturing of MEMS carriers. After completing the project, it will become the production base of an integrated circuit packaging carrier in East China.


Shengtong Optical ultra-thin MLCC optical level polyester base film project signed and settled in Dongying Kenli

Shandong Kenli Economic Development Zone and Shandong Shengtong Optical Material Technology Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony on April 29th.

The project will be located in Kenli Economic Development Zone. The first phase plans to invest 300 million yuan. Based on the original annual capacity of 40,000 tons of BOPET optical film project, the self-developed advanced technologies such as nano additive preparation, polyester masterbatch preparation, and polyester base film preparation are adopted to adjust the raw material formula and production process parameters of polyester film, and comprehensively transform and upgrade the production line of the original project.

The project uses the existing plant to purchase essential process equipment such as a double drawing production line, raw material treatment system, slitter, and recycling granulation unit. It introduces an advanced combined ventilation unit and purification air conditioner, improves the cleanliness of the dust-free room, creates a thousand level purification workshop, and further improves product quality. After completing the project, the production capacity of optical grade polyester base film for ultra-thin MLCC will be increased by 20,000 tons.

Established in 2011, Shentong Optics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sichuan Dongcai Technology Group Co., Ltd. It has three core products:

  • MLCC polyester base film for 5G communication
  • Polyester base film for new displays
  • Polyester base film for high-end window film

It has become one of the influential high-tech enterprises in high-end optical film.


Chip package and semiconductor industrial base project signed in Yangzhou

Recently, the online signing ceremony of the chip package and semiconductor industrial base project was held at Gaoyou Economic Development Zone, Yangzhou, and is invested by Zhongzhou Changxing Heli Industrial Group. The group’s primary focus is product scheme research and development, chip design, packaging test, and sales. It produces DDR3/DDR4/DDR5 memory modules, high-capacity memory chip modules, various high-capacity hard disks, U disks, TF cards, and integrated circuit SMT, BMS protection boards, and data center computing modules. The registered foreign capital of the project is $65 million, and the equipment investment is not less than $65 million.


Nine major projects were signed in Kunshan

The online signing ceremony of major projects was held at Kunshan Development Zone on May 10th. There were nine projects signed online with a total investment of 10 billion yuan.

The nine significant projects cover various emerging industrial areas such as electronic information and new energy. Five of which are foreign-funded with a total investment of 1.14 billion dollars, and four of which are domestically funded with a total investment of 2.4 billion yuan.

Weijia Jingchuang’s comprehensive operation center for sapphire material precision processing project is one of the signed projects invested by Weijia Jingchuang Group with a total investment of 300 million dollars. The project will focus on sapphire precision processing products for mobile phone screens and substrates. After completing the project, it will form an annual production capacity of 10 million sapphire mobile phone screens and 10 million substrates.

Nanya’s new generation high precision IC carrier project is another signed project invested by Taiwan Formosa Plastics Group with 240 million dollars. The project plans to build a new generation high precision IC carrier project. The annual capacity of the new generation high precision IC carrier for the network will be 25 million pieces after the completion of the project.

The CAREER electronic high-frequency high speed intelligent 5G antenna project is invested by CAREER Company, the largest domestic and the 6th largest flexible wire circuit board manufacturer globally, with a total investment of 150 million dollars. The project will mainly produce all kinds of flexible multilayer printed circuit boards for 5G high-frequency antennas, high-density, and high-thin line flexible circuit boards, antennas, and components of wireless communication terminal products.