Microtek’s 300mm Wafer Fab Project Targets 4.8M Annual Capacity

The opening ceremony for the first important programs to launch in Zhejiang Province 2019 was held February 28 in Jiaxing, at the site of Microtek Semiconductor’s new 300mm silicon wafer fab project. The project is located in Jiaxing Technology City. Microtek’s process technology team has 20 years’ experience of overseas silicon wafer production and technology development and aims to build a world-leading 300mm silicon wafer fab to break Germany and Japan’s monopoly situation of manufacturing 300mm silicon wafer material.

With a phase-one investment of 11 billion yuan and a total investment of 6 billion, the project comprises a 300mm silicon wafer production line with an expected capacity of 4.8 million wafers annually. Microtek is targeting completion of the facility by February 2021. Estimated revenue is 3.5B yuan.

(Source: https://laoyaoba.com/newinfo?id=707441)

Anda Technology Launches World’s First 77GHz CMOS Millimeter Wave Radar Chip Based on Phase Array

On February 28, 2019, Hangzhou Anda Technology announced the release of ADT2001, the world first 77GHz CMOS millimeter wave radar chip based on phase array structure. Additionally, the company introduced ADT1002, a 2-send 2-receive chip.

Two years in development, ADT2001 is a 16-send 16-receive 77GHZ CMOS millimeter wave radar chip based on phase array structure that is integrated with a 16 channels’ vehicle 77GHz CMOS millimeter wave radar chip. It’s more integrated than similar products and can support the cascading connection of multiple chips. Compared with traditional DBF structure millimeter wave radar chip, ADT2001 has narrower wave beam and higher detection precision and offers advantages on angle resolution and imaging. It can work all day combined with the millimeter wave radar imaging algorithm.

Hangzhou Anda Technology was founded in 2016.

(Source: https://laoyaoba.com/newinfo?id=707453)