Equipment Installed in China’s First Virtual IDM Fab

Guangzhou’s CanSemi held a ceremony to celebrate equipment installation in its new 300mm fab, which will be considered the region’s first “virtual IDM”. The project has progressed smoothly since its March 2018 inception, with all associated departments supporting it.

The fab is also the first 300mm chip production line in Guangzhou, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan. After completion, capacity is expected to reach 40,000 wafers per month, with annual revenue of 3 billion yuan.

CanSemi’s main products include microprocessors, power management chips, analog chips, power discrete components, etc. The company’s analog chips meet the requirements for innovative applications such as IoT, automobile electronics, AI, 5G, etc.


Apple Opens Second China Data Center in Inner Mongolia

The Apple Data Center Project held an opening ceremony for its new data center located in Ulanqab in Inner Mongolia. It’s the second data center Apple set up in China. The company signed an agreement with the Ulanqab government in early 2018.

The data center will go into operation in 2020, providing iCloud services for Apple users in China. This is the first data center Apple set up in North China. It uses 100% renewable energy.

Ulanqab has worked to grow its cloud calculation and big data industry in the past few years. While this is only Apple’s secnd data center, many other companies have launched data center programs, including Huawei’s, etc.