Intellifusion Closes B-round Financing

Intellifusion recently closed B-round financing for an undisclosed sum. Founded in 2014 in Shenzhen, Intellifusion focuses on visual intelligence, rooted in deep learning and new processor technology. The company is committed to realizing “cloud intelligence” for visual recognition and big data analysis of visual intelligence chips and solutions made by more than 1,000 companies in a wide range of industries, e.g. drones, robotics and smart manufacturing.

Intellifusion is researching edge-based artificial intelligence (AI) chips for embedded terminals. Its independently developed AI chip, “DeepEye 1000”, was successfully taped out in August 2018, and is expected to ramp into production in the first half of this year.


Alibaba Damo Academy Sold 200 Million Chips in 2018

At its annual conference, Alibaba Cloud reported the latest achievements of its collaborative technology initiative, Alibaba Damo Academy. The initiative, which has developed very fast Internet of Things (IoT) embedded chips, sold about 200 million chips in 2018. It will soon tape out its first independently developed neural processing unit (NPU) chip, with full production in the second half of 2019. Performance is expected to be a 10X improvement over similar chips.

Alibaba Damo Academy was established in October 2017, with chips being one of its research areas. Damo makes two kinds of chips: NPUs for artificial intelligence (AI) applications, and end-chips targeting cloud integration. Announced in April 2018, its first neural network chip, Ali-NPU, can provide AI reasoning for image and video recognition, cloud computing and other business applications at reasonable cost.