SenseTime and CUHK Signed Agreement to Cultivate AI Talent

SenseTime , a start-up company focused on computer vision and deep learning technology, signed a collaboration agreement with the Engineering Institute of CUHK to push the development of local artificial intelligence (AI) education. Over the next three years, both sides will cultivate the next generation of AI talent to improve senior students’ interest in AI knowledge.

According to the agreement, SenseTime will collaborate with CUHK to hold AI communication and display activities for international senior students from which they will select those with the best performance.

The will also will collaborate closely with the education community to encourage students to explore AI technology and deepen their knowledge.

SenseTime developed an accurate face ID technology and security monitoring system that included integrated face ID, hazardous articles recognition, behavior monitoring, vehicle monitoring, etc.


Huawei Launches Research Center in Shanghai

Huawei is reportedly launching a new research center in the Qingpu District of Shanghai, with the intention of being a world-leading, domestically rare center. The center’s unique “9 parks + 3 islands” layout will occupy 100ha and cost nearly 10billion yuan. The first phase will occupy 947000m2.