TCL to Invest 80 Billion in Semiconductor Displays Over Three Years

During the “Two Sessions”, the president and CEO of TCL, Dongsheng Li said that as a technology group focused on manufacturing, over the next three years, TCL will invest 80 billion yuan in semiconductor display technology and materials. Th goal is to quicken the pace of globalization for artificial intelligence (AI), big data, smart manufacturing, and the industrial Internet of Things (IIIoT) to quicken the pace of realizing globalization.

Li says he has solid confidence in the development of China’s private economy to improve the competitive environment for each kind of business entity and to further improve the law and rules for equal protection. Once China’s private economy is successful in China it can also be successful globally.


David Chen Joins Celepixel

Celepixel announced that David Chen Ph.D. joined the company as a board advisor to help the company expand its global business. Previously, Chen was vice president and general manager of Great China Legal and Corporate affair division of Microsoft.

Before joining Celepixel, David Chen was responsible for Microsoft’s corporate and legal affairs in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in Microsoft. He pushed the collaboration between Microsoft and the Chinese government. Before joining Microsoft, David Chen worked in GM for 30 years, researching automation software for automobile manufacturing and machine vision.

Established in Shanghai 2017, Celepixel focuses on the design and development of high IC technical platforms for smart image sensors. The platform includes imaging sensors, processor chip modules, and additional hardware, software and services to meet the high-speed track and real-time calculation/communication requirements of industries such as smart vehicles, drones, industrial automation, security, and AR/VR, etc.