Certified by Samsung/Apple, Guangdong Hinno-Tech Receives Equity Investment

During a ceremony on March 7, GKGJ Group and Guangdong Hinno-Tech signed an investment equity agreement that GKGJ Group will become an equity investor in Hinno-Tech.

A joint venture of Jiangmen Yingjiang Trading Co. Ltd. and Well Bright International Development Co. Ltd., Hinno-Tech manufactures copper clad laminate, optical materials, and IC carriers. It owns all the independent production, marketing, and development research for its products. The company was recently certified by technology giants like LG, Samsung, Apple and Foxconn.

Hinno-Tech’s high-performance chip-use features high modulus, high-resistance light, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and high Tg, which solves plate thickness uniformity and size stability control challenges. It is the first company in China to offer this technology, breaking Japan Mitsubishi’s monopoly.

(Source: https://laoyaoba.com/newinfo?id=708287)

Jiangsu Province Released Its 2019 Important Projects List

Jiangsu Province released its investment plan for important projects in 2019. Of 240 important projects listed, 220 are implementation projects—including 109 new and 111 renewals—and 20 are reserved projects. The total investment will be 533 billion yuan, reflecting an increased investment of 10.5 billion yuan over last year. Companies involved in the projects include Nanjing Unigroup, Nanjing TSMC and Wuxi Huahong, etc.

Twenty-nine of the projects listed are semiconductor/IC-related, and involve chip design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and test, equipment and materials. Jiangsu Province leads the field of packaging and test, but is weak on design and manufacturing. The goal is to gradually optimize the region’s industry structure, investing more in semiconductor manufacturing and materials.

(Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/wCJH7iPc_-ykdf76LPZefw)