First Global Full Signal Chip for BeiDou 3 Launched in Beijing

The first global high-precision baseband chip, Tianqin Generation III, which fully supports Beidou 3 civil navigation signal system was launched in Beijing on May 20. The related products are expected to go to market in August of 2019.

Two years in development by Beijing UniStrong, “Tianqin Generation II is based on fully independent IP. The chip ramped into production in April 2019 and is expected to accelerate the industrialization of BeiDou 3.

Considered to be the next-generation GNSS multi-mode multi-band (MMMB) high-precision baseband chip, “Tianqin Generation II” uses wideband GNSS receiver processing technology to handle multiple frequencies from multiple constellations, so that high-precision products equipped with the “Tianqin II” chip can receive all the navigation signals of the BeiDou 3 system.

The chip is built using 55nm processes for high integration and low power consumption. It can support direction finding with dual antennas with one single chip, thereby improving the anti-interference technology.


AI Start-up, EeasyTech, Completes A-Round Financing

EeasyTech, a Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) start-up, announced that it has received A-round financing from China State Construction Capital, Delta Capital, and Everest, etc. The financing amount was not released.

A system solution provider of AI machine vision algorithm and system-on-chip (SoC) design, EeasyTech was first established in 2016. According to official company sources, this round of funding will be used to expand its IP core to develop more advanced processes, higher efficiency SoC and system-level solutions, as well as to further expand the marketing development of video security, smart hardware, automotive electronics, etc., and provide better solutions for service distributor and customers.