Analogix Moves its Headquarters to Suzhou

Analogix, Shanghai Capital and Suzhou signed a collaboration agreement on May 22, 2019, that will result in Analogix’ global headquarters be moved from California to the Suzhou High-tech Area.

Founded in 2002, Analogix is a global designer of high-performance mixed-signal semiconductor products. Is IP core, fully custom ASIC and mature digital media integrated circuits (ICs) provide end-to-end connection using industry standard interfaces like DisplayPort™ and HDMI™. The products are used widely in consumer electronics around the world.

According to the agreement, Suzhou High-tech Area will provide policy and fund support, while Shanghai Capital will provide industry resources, using its advantage of capital operation to guide related industry projects based in the High-tech Area.

Suzhou High-tech Area has been developing quickly over the past few years., Many leading technology companies are now based there, including EverBright Photonics, NationalChip, and others.


BeiDou Navigation Chip Sales Volume Exceeds 80 Million Units

Cumulative sales volume of domestic BeiDou navigation chip modules has exceeded 80million units. BeiDou reported this news during the 10th China Satellite Navigation Conference, held in Beijing on May 22, 2019. The RF baseband integration 28nm system-on-chip (SoC) chip supports BeiDou 3, a new signal that has been widely applied in the internet of things (IoT) and consumer electronics areas.

The company also announced that its 22nm process dual-frequency positioning chip is ready for commercialization. Additionally, a full-frequency version of the high precision chip is under development.

Market share of BeiDou’s high-precision board and antenna products in China has reached 30% and 90% respectively and have been exported to over 100 countries and regions. According to statistics, there were 116 mobile phones with GPS function that applied to enter into the Chinese market in Q1, 2019, 82 of which support BeiDou positioning. The support rate has reached 70.69%.