Shenzhen AI Core Industry Aims to Hit 30 Billion Yuan in 2013

Shenzhen City recently released the “Shenzhen New Generation AI Development Plan (2019-2023),” which lays out Shenzhen’s goals to achieve 10 billion yuan for its artificial intelligence (AI) core industry in 2020, and driving relevant industries to achieve 300 billion yuan. The plan aims to build up 10 important industry clusters in 2023, pushing the AI core industry to more than 30 billion yuan and related industries to 600 billion yuan.

The plan focuses on seven aspects: cutting-edge basic research, promoting intelligent product innovation, expanding application scenarios, improving innovative infrastructure, gathering and cultivating high-end talents, fully studying risk challenges, and constructing ethical regulations and standards for industrial space.

Shenzhen will also support research and industrialization of key components and a wide range of smart products – chips, sensors, robots, drones, medical equipment, internet vehicles etc. – cultivate numerous leading industry companies, and build up AI emerging industry clusters with international competitiveness.


ZTE and Tencent Collaborate on 5G Network, Set up Joint Innovation Lab

ZTE and Tencent have signed a memo strengthening their collaboration on 5G network technology and application innovation. Together, they will drive development and deployment of technology such as 5G edge computing, quality-of-service (QoS) acceleration, network slicing, and open network capability. They will also set up a 5G joint innovation lab focused on conducting R&D in these fields, as well as explore a commercialization model for 5G edge computing and promote vigorous development of the 5G industry.

In addition, Tencent will leverage its platinum membership in the Linux Foundation to develop open source software with ZTE aimed at advancing related technologies such as mobile edge computing.


Beijing Establishes 5G Institute and Industry Funds

Beijing – a pilot city for construction and application of 5G networks nationwide – has reportedly set up a 5G institute in Yizhuang, as well as lined up 5 billion yuan in 5G industry funds. The 5G institute will focus on the future of the industry, as well as research and manufacture of ORAN products, low-frequency/millimeter-wave small base stations, and industry wireless private network products. From the perspective of research direction and future layout, the institute will focus on 5G upstream chips, RF devices, and other innovative applications in 5G scenarios, such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and mobile medical.