IC Material Project Launched in Yichang

On May 6, the electronic-grade hydrofluoric (HF) acid project of Xingli Electronics, which belongs to electronics chemical provider Xingfa Group, held a groundbreaking ceremony in its New Material Park in Yichang, Hubei Province.

The project was funded by Hubei Xingli Electronic Materials Co., which was established in 2018 and jointly funded by Xingfa Group and Forerunner Vision Holding Limited. The company mainly produces, researches, develops and sells electronic-grade HF acid, ammonium fluoride, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, and buffered hydrofluoric acid etching solution. Investment in this project will be 365 million yuan. After completion, the facility’s total production scale will be 30,000 tons of electronic grade HF acid and 12,000 tons of electronic grade ammonium fluoride per year.

(Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/EbwtHsDTIU8hqgMxOikAEw)

Optical Module and AI Wearable Acoustic Equipment Project in Guangxi

AAC Technologies and Longcheer have signed an agreement with Nanning, Guangxi Province, to expand the construction on an electric information industry project. The total investment in the project will be 6 billion yuan.

According to the agreement, AAC Technologies will invest an extra 5 billion yuan to build an optical module project in Nanning. Its business includes but not limited to the development and production of optical modules and upstream and downstream devices, as well as investing 1 billion yuan with Longcheer Information to design, develop and produce AI wearable acoustic products. After these projects ramp into production, annual output value will reach more than 26 billion yuan.

(Source: https://laoyaoba.com/newinfo?id=714789)