Two significant projects signed and settled in Quanzhou Chip Valley

On February 6, the Quanzhou Private Economic Development Conference took place. At the meeting, 15 major projects of private enterprises were signed, with a planned total investment of 63.9 billion yuan. Among them, two Quanzhou Xingu Nan’an Branch Park projects were signed on stage, namely Junhe Yungu·Quanzhou Nan’an High-tech Port Project and Century Jinyuan Project, with a planned total investment of 7 billion yuan.


Junhe Yungu·Quanzhou Nan’an High-tech Port Project plans to invest 2 billion yuan in total. It will take the transformation of scientific and technological achievements as the starting point to create a set of manufacturing, R&D, and design, the transformation of pilot test results, production enterprise headquarters, product display, and bulk trade services. Quanzhou City has developed into an “industrial highland” of intelligent manufacturing. It has a new-generation information technology upgrade and a regional headquarters economic agglomeration, forming a strategic emerging industry cluster with a complete industrial ecological chain and sustainable development potential.


The Century Jinyuan project plans to invest a total of 5 billion yuan. It will build an industrial park that integrates the electronic information industry, commerce, hotels, and other supporting facilities. The industrial park will mainly attract intelligent semiconductor manufacturing, biomedical, and enterprises engaged in transforming high-tech achievements in Nan’an Chip Valley.


Jiali Semiconductor Industrial Park project signed in Changsha, Hunan Province

Hunan Province’s 2022 “Welcome to Hometown, Return to Hometown, and Create Three Hunans” event and the New Year’s Forum were held in Changsha Countyon February 6. Eight major projects were signed on the spot, with a total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan. Yuan.


Jiali Semiconductor Industrial Park project invests in new-generation information technology and intelligent manufacturing enterprises, researching, designing, manufacturing, processing, and selling pressure sensors and power chips. The project will build research, design, and manufacturing center of pressure sensors and power chips in Changsha Pilot Zone Linkong District. The total investment of the project will be 500 million yuan.


HYGOOD’s semiconductor power module used ceramic substate project signed in Dongtai High-Tech Zone

Dongtai High-Tech Zone and Wuxi HYGOOD New Technology Co Ltd recently celebrated a signing ceremony. According to news from Dongtai High-tech Zone, HYGOOD is a modern high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and high-tech patented technology, which integrates research and development, production, and sales of new ceramic materials and electronic components. The core products are high-performance aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic materials, silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic substrates, and their components, which are vital basic materials in key areas of the national strong foundation project. Before signing the contract, Dongtai High-tech Zone and the investor researched and approved the planning and single building design scheme of Jiangsu Higood New Technology Co., Ltd.’s annual output of 10.2 million semiconductor power modules using ceramic board substrates.


The project originates from the transformation of the national 863 scientific and technological achievements of Tsinghua University. The project investment is about 600 million yuan, covers an area of about 80 mu, and the construction plant area is about 70000 square meters. Six casting lines and glue discharge lines are newly installed. The project will also import equipment such as a sintering furnace, grinder, laser particle size analyzer, and gas chromatograph. The annual capacity of aluminum nitride substrate is 7.2 million, and silicon nitride substrate is 3 million, which can achieve an invoice of 1 billion yuan.


AUO low-temperature polysilicon project started construction, and several projects were signed in Kunshan

Suzhou Electronic Information Industry Innovation Cluster Construction Promotion Conference and the launching ceremony of the AUO low-temperature polysilicon project were held in Kunshan on February 8.


One hundred fifty major projects with a total investment of 129 billion yuan were signed and started at the ceremony. Among them, Tongxingda Semiconductor PRV Electronics projects were signed and settled in Kunshan.


The total investment of Tongxingda Semiconductor’s advanced packaging project estimates to be 3 billion yuan. Shenzhen Tongxingda Technology Co., Ltd. is a listed enterprise on the Shenzhen mainboard. It mainly develops and produces LCD display modules and camera display modules. It plans to invest in constructing GoldBump packaging and testing plant with advanced packaging technology in Kunshan Qiandeng. Its products integrate circuit packaging technology and the external connection of photoelectric components.


PRV’s high-density interconnection carrier (mSAP) investment will be 1.3 billion yuan. Established in 2004, Jiangsu PRV Electronics Co Ltd is mainly engaged in manufacturing and service of integrated circuit packaging carrier boards used in areas such as 5G, IoT, and new energy automobile chips.