The Fuzhou Province has been busy this past week, with the Digital China Construction Summit wrapping up and a new agreement signed to promote the advanced computing industry. Read on for more about these developments that will help to grow the province’s economy and cutting-edge industries:

Third Digital China Construction Summit Held in Fuzhou Province

The Third Digital China Construction Summit was held in Fuzhou Province on October 12-14. At this summit 426 digital economy projects were signed, with a total investment of 331.6 billion yuan. These projects cover cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, 5G, industrial IoT, and blockchain technology.

The summit delivered rich content and valuable information. The National Development and Reform Commission released 100 application scenarios for the digital economy and launched the second batch of “Digital Transformation Partnership Actions.” In addition, the National Health Commission released 50 “Internet + Medical and Health” typical cases.

This year’s event utilized a “cloud summit” platform that simultaneously displayed the summit online and offline, enabling 24/7 access to content. This included the Digital China Achievement Exhibition, which brought together more than 200 well-known companies to showcase the latest digital technology, applications, and results.

The Digital China Construction Summit featured 239 experts presenting on a range of technical topics. More than 8,000 participants from all over the country attended the main forum and 12 sub-forums.

Sugon, Fujian Electronics, and Fuzhou Promote Advanced Computing Industry 

On October 11, the Fuzhou government, Sugon, and Fujian Electronics Information Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement under which the three parties will collaborate to develop the advanced computing industry in Fuzhou Province. The key goals of the agreement are to achieve industry leadership, establish a “big cycle” industry ecology, create a series of digital demonstration applications, and promote awareness of Fujian science and technology.

With the aim of jointly developing a new infrastructure for advanced computing, all three parties will fully integrate their respective research and development, design, and manufacturing resources, helping drive the entire industry chain to a new level.

A Chinese leader in high-performance computing, server, storage, cloud computing, and big data, Sugon is Asia’s largest manufacturer in the field of high-performance computing. The company has mastered a series of core HPS technologies, gradually achieving industrialization, and can provide a reliable, credible, and controllable IT infrastructure, quality products, and solutions for customers in various industries.