In the past week, several chip projects started in China. The Yangjie power chip packaging and test project held a groundbreaking ceremony to kick off the two-phase project in Yangzhou. The next day, Taiji Semiconductor and Asgard signed a joint investment in developing a localized memory chip. Read more here:

Yangjie Power Chip Packaging and Test Project Groundbreaking Ceremony

Yangjie power chip packaging and test project held a groundbreaking ceremony on April 28 in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province.

With a total investment of 3 billion yuan, this project will mainly engage in R&D, production and sales of power semiconductor wafers, and IC packaging and testing. The project plans to build a power chip packaging and testing workshop within two years, along with a power chip fab within five years.

The Yangjie project will be divided into two phases. The 1.38 billion-yuan first phase will focus on building ultra-thin micropower semiconductor chip packing and testing facilities for smart terminals. The second phase will invest 1.62 billion yuan, primarily to build large-size power semiconductor wafer production lines.

The successful launch of this project indicates the official entry of Yangjie Electronics into the field of high-end power semiconductor chips.

Taiji Semiconductor and Asgard Jointly Invest in Memory Chip Development

On April 29, Taiji Semiconductor and Asgard held a ceremony to sign a joint investment in developing a localized memory module. At the ceremony, the two companies unveiled the planned memory chip production R&D center project and localized memory module production base.

This collaboration between the two companies will further push the technology innovation of local projects, as it strives to expand new growth points and create development momentum.

Taiji Semiconductor is a professional packaging and testing manufacturer for semiconductor memory devices. The company is committed to chip packaging, product design, testing, and other economic mass manufacturing delivery services. Having recently acquired Xinyi Semiconductor, Taiji Semiconductor can now provide a comprehensive one-stop service for customers.

Asgard is a supplier of internal memory module, providing memory modules, SSD, RAM, USB products, and solutions. In 2012, Asgard entered the memory chip module industry, becoming the first and largest domestic memory-product OEM.