12-inch power semiconductor production line signed in Shijiazhuang

On March 31 Zhengding’s 12-inch semiconductor chip project was initiated with a total investment of 8 billion yuan. After completing the project, it will become the first 12-inch wafer power semiconductor production line in North China.

The plan is to build in two phases. The first phase shows that it will produce 30,000 wafers after it ramps into production, while the second phase will produce 70,000 wafers.

The project relies on listed enterprises with advanced special semiconductor research technology. The project focuses on designing and manufacturing 12-inch wafers consisting of semiconductor power components. Committed to becoming a leading supplier of semiconductor power components and power management, the project has designated the design phase to develop, research, package, and test advanced semiconductor power components such as MOSFET and IGBT. The manufacturing segment will focus on 90nm-180nm mature process nodes.

The project’s target market will be the next generation market: new energy vehicles, new energy power generation, and 5G communication.



SME of SUSTech and AlpsenTek jointly built a laboratory

School of Microelectronics(SME), Southern University of Science and Technology(SUSTech), and AlpsenTek officially signed a collaborative agreement to build an ‘SME-AlpsenTek joint laboratory.’ The laboratory will mainly focus on in-depth research cooperation in new vision sensors, concentrating on the algorithm and architecture, technology and application, industrialization, and design manufacturing processes. The goal is to make the joint laboratory into an advanced innovation platform integrating scientific research, talent training, application demonstration, and achievement transformation in an effort to realize IP sharing within the cooperation framework and promote the accelerated transformation of research results.

AlpsenTek focuses on vision sensor technology. With hybrid vision technology as the core, AlpsenTek has created an integrated bionic vision chip and integrated machine vision solution, gaining investment support from Lenovo venture capital, HikVision, Zhongke Chuangxing, etc.



TUNGHSU GROUP high-end photoelectric semiconductor material project signed in Lishui Economy and Development Zone

Zhejiang Lishui Economic and Development Zone and Tunghsu Group signed an agreement to build a high-end photoelectric semiconductor material project with 11 billion yuan. This will be the first eleven billion yuan industrial project in the city.

The project will use the most advanced technology and process in producing photoelectric semiconductor materials, effectively ensuring the safety and stability of the supply chain and the industrial chain. After completing the project, Lishui will become a substantial production base of high-end photoelectric semiconductor materials.

Established in 1997, Tunghsu Group is a high-tech enterprise that integrates semiconductor photoelectric display materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, environmental protection, new energy, new energy vehicles, cutting-edge materials, etc.



Major projects started construction in Qingdao West Coast New Area

The commencement ceremony of significant projects in the second quarter of Qingdao was held in the High-end Photoelectric Industry base of Qingdao Development Zone on April 6th.

Eighty major projects joined the ceremony with a total investment of 46.3 billion yuan. The projects include an intelligent photoelectric manufacturing base project of Fujian Wanda, a Mini-LED back panel project, etc., covering various areas such as new-generation information technology, high-end equipment, etc.

The intelligent photoelectric manufacturing base project of Fujian Wanda will mainly build a smart photoelectric manufacturing base integrating backlight, SMT patch, die-cutting, stamping parts, and plastic parts. It is a key supporting project of BOE IoT mobile display port device Qingdao production base.

The mini-LED back panel project will build power plants, various warehouses, and two Mini-LED back panel production lines. After completing the project, it can produce 20 million square meters of Mini-LED back panels every year.

Xingtai’s high-end intelligent photoelectric manufacturing base project is committed to products researching, manufacturing, and selling electronic connectors, low-voltage appliances, and automobiles. It provides products and services focused on robot automation solutions, smart factories, and industrial 4.0 solutions.