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Dave is a passionate advocate of brand-driven communication for companies large and small.

His insights and objectivity have successfully helped organizations, from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises, find their voice and connect with their constituents, from consumers to strategic business partners. As one of four managing partners at Kiterocket, Dave is responsible for client services and client satisfaction across the agency. He is known for digging deeply during the client onboarding stage to solidify team relationships, set strategy and guide early campaigns to ensure a long-term foundation is in place. Additionally, he heads up the agency’s business-development efforts and is responsible for Kiterocket’s Renewables and Creative Services offerings.

Dave graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University (England) with a degree in European Marketing. Prior to co-founding Kiterocket, he founded elev8 Public Relations, which merged with Impress PR to become Impress Labs in 2006. He first met Martijn when he was VP of Client Services at Positio.


Within Kiterocket, what are you known for?

My strategic vision, attention to detail and relentless commitment to exceeding client expectations. I can be pretty demanding in the pursuit of driving value at the customer level.

What’s your proudest career moment or accomplishment to date?

Telling a little, unknown company going through a brand change not to go out and spend a boatload of money, but instead to focus their efforts on early adopters and the art of discovery. That company was called Savage Beast, but we know it today as Pandora. The second was shining a spotlight on the ordinary, often-ignored workers who keep our towns and cities running. My team led a campaign engaging the garbage men and women of America, and, for a moment, turned them from everyday workers into that day’s heroes. The campaign ran in two cities, San Antonio and Miami. It was unbelievably rewarding for me—and for them.

What is it you love about your practice area, and why did you choose to focus on this industry expertise?

I love a good challenge. And developing new offerings within the Kiterocket family that blend our marketing process with our market expertise is certainly a challenge. I also love the creative process and am passionate about sustainability. I’m fortunate that my passions align with my focus within the company of developing and growing new offerings.

How would your colleagues describe you in three words?

Passionate. Driven. Demanding (of them and of myself!).

What inspires you to get up every morning?

Personally, my wife and daughter and the life we’re building together. Professionally, the idea of building something that leaves a lasting positive impression on everyone with whom we connect.