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As managing director of the renewables practice at Kiterocket, she is responsible for developing strategy, creating integrated content and digital campaigns, conducting PR and marketing communications outreach and, most importantly, keeping our clients delighted.

She began her career as a journalist and then a strategy consultant to energy clients at McKinsey & Co., before moving to Ketchum, where she built the corporate practice in the Washington, DC, office. After taking a mid-career detour to write books and study sustainability, she joined the renewable technology firm Enphase Energy where she rapidly progressed to global head of marketing. Consulting since then, she has helped clients in solar, storage, energy data, and smart city technology grow, acting as VP of marketing for several startups. Deborah recently returned to the agency world, joining the Kiterocket team—who she knew well from her Enphase days—to lead its renewables practice.

Deborah holds an M.B.A. from UCLA, an M.S. in sustainable design from Catholic University, a LEED-AP credential, and a B.Ec. from Monash University in Australia, her home country. She’s been a journalist and is the author of two books published by John Wiley & Sons.


Within Kiterocket, what are you known for?

The team initially knew me as a client, and I was pretty demanding. I hold myself to very high standards, like getting things done, and love inspiring a team to stretch. I ask a lot of questions, not because I doubt anyone, but because I enjoy understanding the details and thinking beyond the obvious.

What’s your proudest career moment or accomplishment to date?

I’m always curious about what concerns our target audiences. When two large players dominated residential solar, smaller installers wondered how they could compete. I led a team of experts to explore how installers could be more competitive, and we curated it into a compelling and useful Solar Survival Guide series. Great content delivered through effective digital marketing draws your audience to you, without feeling they are being pitched.

What is it you love about your practice area, and why did you choose to focus on this industry expertise?

When the lake I grew up sailing on completely dried up in 2008 after an extended drought, I realized climate change was the life-or-death issue of my lifetime. My passions for both telling stories and exploring new technologies come together when I am advocating for companies that are solving the climate crisis.

How would your colleagues describe you in three words?

They’re still getting to know my quirks, but based on the past, I’d guess: Energetic. Connected. Questioning.

What inspires you to get up every morning?

I’m inspired by helping clients bring climate solutions to the world and I love using the creative range of ways our team can help you engage your audiences.