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As creative director for Kiterocket, German spends his days bringing brands and campaigns to life.

His creative thought process brings a unique perspective to design for clients across all the firm’s practice areas. Having worked with people from all over the world, German adapts easily to different cultures, working habits and expectations. His previous experience as a production manager has prepared him for our fast-paced, high-pressure environment with hard deadlines.

German holds a BFA from San Francisco State University with Highest Honors in drawing, painting and printmaking; a BFA2 from the Academy of Art University in graphic design; and a leadership diploma from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), the professional association for design. Prior to joining Kiterocket (then Impress Labs) as a junior designer in 2010, German spent 10 years working at Oberon Design as an artist, designer and production manager.


Within Kiterocket, what are you known for?

I’m known for bringing unique ideas to the table. I’m also known for my work ethic, being a perfectionist, and putting in countless hours. It has to be just right.

What’s your proudest career moment or accomplishment to date?

My proudest accomplishment is being part of this creative team, which has grown from one person to 13, by caring about what we do, and the impact of our work.

What is it you love about your practice area, and why did you choose to focus on this industry expertise?

I like sharing. Something good happens when we put our ideas and soul out there. I am very curious and feel the need to research. It is a key rewarding aspect of a graphic designers life, where you find yourself becoming aware of new subjects constantly. I am passionate about problem-solving, process, organization, and getting things done. Combining these likes and skills into one, led me to a career in graphic design.

How would your colleagues describe you in three words?

Passionate. Driven. Tireless.

What inspires you to get up every morning?

I believe that while one person alone can’t change the world, design can. I follow hunches without fears and get up every day ready to embrace life, with a craving to create, driven by the love for my family and for humanity.