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Jeff Fryer has more than two decades of integrated digital marketing experience, with a special focus on building strategy for B2B brands through social media.

Most recently, Jeff served as Director, Social Media at tech giant Arm, where he oversaw global social media strategy and practice for the brand. During his tenure there, he envisioned creative solutions tailored to brand/client needs in digital and social marketing.  These projects included executive social media communication for the C-Suite, brand marketing rollouts, and niche campaigns like the “Generation Arm 2Z” program with GenZ ambassadors. Jeff oversaw all aspects of social media for Arm’s top-tier events, both organic and paid, and led a team of multiple social media managers on their own campaigns and projects.

Jeff is a voracious student of industry trends, but applies his extensive experience to the trends of the day to determine and analyze the most efficient, relevant, and effective solutions to a companys specific needs.  In 2021 and 2022, he served as a judge for the B2B Marketing Elevation Awards and the Drum Awards for Social Media in 2021.

Additionally, while at Arm, Jeff earned professional certifications in multiple marketing practice areas, including AI, digital advertising, digital marketing, inbound marketing, Google analytics, and LinkedIn marketing strategy and solutions.

Prior to that, Jeff spent several years in charge of the social media at Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the trade organization setting standards in digital advertising for top tier media companies and advertising agencies all over the world.

Jeff began his career in music and entertainment marketing, honing his storytelling and content skills.

Jeff holds a B.A. in Music Business from Western Illinois University, and a certification in Winning Brand Strategies from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management Executive Education program.

Jeff lives in Austin, TX with his wife, their two kids, and a friendly black Labrador named Louis.


Within Kiterocket, what are you known for?

I just started, so I don’t know … but am curious to see what it will be!

What’s your proudest career moment or accomplishment to date?

My most satisfying moment would have to be when I helped bring in new people onto my social media team, my last year at Arm. It was such a rush to come to work and help train people to do something that I helped develop from scratch over many years and challenge myself to see new ways of getting things done.

What is it you love about your practice area, and why did you choose to focus on this industry expertise?

One of the reasons a career in digital marketing is so exciting is that it’s constantly evolving and redefining itself, requiring constant adaptability to create new pathways. Social media in particular moves at lightspeed, which is great for someone with a lifelong desire to learn and share with others like me. I also love having so many options for two-way communication which allows brands to have fun and interact with people. It’s gotten a lot more social in the marketing world these days, which is great to see everyone embrace again.

How would your colleagues describe you in three words?

Driven. Empathetic. Reliable.

What inspires you to get up every morning?

I love that a new day can give you a fresh start to make life what you want. It took Bill Murray several cycles in Groundhog Day to learn this. We can do that in one.