Dockweiler semiconductor-related components manufacturing project settled in Zhejiang Province.

On March 25, the Dockweiler Pinghu project was signed via the cloud solidifying the project’s location in the Pinghu Economy and Development Zone. German company Dockweiler Group invested $250 million in the Dockweiler Pinghu project for the first phase alone.

Founded in 1955, the Germany Dekuweiler Group is a family enterprise. Its core products are mainly ultra-pure stainless-steel pipes and accessories systems, used primarily in semiconductors, biomedicine, new energy vehicles, and other fields. The business volume of semiconductors and biomedicine accounts for 90% of the group’s total business. Its customers include ASML, Intel, AMD, Samsung, Pfizer, GE, etc. So it is no surprise that the Dockweiler Pinghu projects focus on producing ultra-clean stainless steel pipe fittings and components in the semiconductor field.


 Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Project SigningHuarong District of Ezhou had ten projects initiated. 

On March 28, a signing ceremony for ten projects occurred in the Huarong District Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park of Ezhou City. With a total investment of 3.5 billion yuan, covering various areas such as chip application development, automation equipment research and development, and material rack for chip mounter production, these projects are servicing main customers such as YMTC, Tianma Microelectronics, and FiberHome.

One of the projects that Wuhan Tuoerqi Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. invested 600 million yuan on focuses on chip application development, production of an optical protective mask, ultraviolet disinfection protective mask, dust-proof anti-poison breathing mask, and anti-glare mask. The products’ primary export area will be to Europe, America, and Southeast Asia.

Wuhan Chuangwei Precision Industry Co., Ltd. invests in another of the ten projects signed on March 28. Its focus is manufacturing surface mount equipment (SMT), SMT feeders, and chip packaging welding lines.


Intelligent power module (IPM) project signed in Gaoyou Economy Development Zone

On March 25, the intelligent power module project was signed in the Gaoyou Economy(IPM) project was successfully signed in Gaoyou Economic Development Zone Development area. BIZN HK LIMITED invested in the project with registered foreign capital of $140 million and $140 million in equipment investment. The leased plant is approximately 45,000 square meters and will manufacture and sell intelligent power modules.


A dozen projects were signed in Jiangxi Province.

2022 Online Investment Promotion Conference The 2022 online investment promotion conference and video signing ceremony was held virtually on March 24 in Shangli County, Jiangxi Province.

Ten new projects were signed at the ceremony with a total investment of 5.15 billion yuan, covering various areas such as electrical information, equipment manufacturing, and modern agriculture.

Amongst the ten new projects, these three were highlighted:

  • Shenzhen Rongmei Science & Technology Co., Ltd. project concentrated on producing smart wearable products and touch display modules.
  • Huizhou PRIDE Electronic Co., Ltd. project focused on circuit board manufacturing.
  • Dongguan Renfeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. project will build a nanocomposite material (graphene) crystal heat sink.

In addition, Jiangxi Jialianyi Circuit Co., Ltd. will invest in the project focused on building Xinmanda circuit boards in Shangli County. The project’s annual revenue will reach more than 2 billion yuan after the project ramps into production and will provide more than a thousand local jobs.


Ten projects signed in Zibo

The 2022 signing ceremony of key investment promotion projects was held in Zibo City,2022 key investment promotion projects Shandong Province, on March 26. Ten new projects were signed at the ceremony in Yiyuan County with a total investment of 4.33 billion yuan, covering various areas such as new material, electrical information, modern agriculture, high-end equipment, and modern logistics.

Meijie Photoelectric Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd’s total investment in the semiconductor inspection equipment industrialization project is 250 million yuan. The first phase is estimated to cost 100 million yuan. The project relies on the Shanghai research center and benchmarking international inspection equipment enterprises. It will focus on the industrialization of precision inspection equipment in chip manufacturing in the semiconductor industry, including key-size optical measurement equipment. Another area of focus is producing engraving accuracy inspection equipment, defect inspection equipment, and packaging chip inspection equipment. The project aims to form an intelligent inspection equipment chain from front-end manufacturing to back-end packaging to meet the demand for domestic alternative products for chip manufacturing and packaging test and detection.

Shanghai Zichuang Coating Technology Co., Ltd.’s total investment in the high-end coating equipment project is 500 million yuan. The project plans to build a sizeable horizontal vacuum magnetron sputtering energy-saving coating production line and a vertical double-sided magnetron sputtering coating production line. Its primary purpose is to manufacture various flexible material coating technologies and equipment, such as conductive cloth vacuum coating, solar heat absorbing blue film coating, roll to roll flexible conductive film, and modified coating for flexible metal materials.