Semiconductor intelligent manufacturing park project and smart terminal whole industry chain project signed in Jianggangshan Economy and Development Zone

In Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, a signing ceremony of major industry projects with a total investment of over 5 billion yuan and 10 billion yuan recently occurred.


Jinggangshan Economic and Development Zone signed three projects worth more than 10 billion yuan, including the smart terminal whole industrial chain project, the hydrogen energy technology project, and a semiconductor Intelligent manufacturing park project.


The intelligent terminal whole industry chain project will have 21 billion yuan in total invested. The project will build an annual capacity of about 5 million square meters of high-precision circuit boards and 10 million complete machines, forming a complete closed-loop industrial chain of intelligent terminals.


1.5 billion dollars will be the total investment into the semiconductor Intelligent manufacturing industry park project. The project will have three phases: building a semiconductor R & D and manufacturing base integrating digital-analog controller chip, TFT display module driver chip, MEMS chip, and a display module R&D and production base in-vehicle, optoelectronics, and industrial control.

Baidu Intelligent Cloud IoT chip (Wenzhou) Industrial Innovation Center signed in Oujiangkou

The Wenzhou Oujiangkou Industrial Cluster Area management committee and Baidu held a signing ceremony in Wenzhou municipal government that signifies their goal to build “one center, two carriers, and three platforms” and build Baidu Intelligent Cloud IoT chip (Wenzhou) industrial innovation center on January 12.

Oujiangkou and Baidu will jointly build the Oujiangkou Intelligent Cloud IoT chip while relying on Baidu’s leading advantages in chip computing algorithm, platform creation, talent cultivation, and format construction.

The intelligent cloud IoT chip (Wenzhou) innovation center is estimated to be complete within three years, with an estimated production of more than 600 million yuan annually. Simultaneously, it will introduce more than 20 high-value enterprises integrating design, R&D, production, and sales, building a digital economy ecosystem. It will be the most influential IoT chip ecosystem available. This IoT chip ecosystem will cooperate with the industry chain of WM Motor to build the first public travel demonstration area of autonomous driving in China.

Wet milling and near net shape forming project signed in Wuhu

The government district Wuhu Fanchang signed a contract with the Hefei University of Technology and Anhui Hengjun Powder Metallurgy Technology Co., Ltd. to build the wet milling jointly and near net shape forming project on January 13.

According to the news from Fanchang Economic and Development Zone, the wet milling and near net shape forming project will be built in Fanchang Chungu 3D Printing Industrial Park, led by Yucheng Wu, Vice President of the Hefei University of Technology, and jointly invested and constructed with Anhui Hengjun Powder Metallurgy Technology Co., Ltd. The project’s total investment will be 500 million yuan to produce tungsten compound materials and 3D printing high-performance copper alloy products using MIM, 3DP, other printing technologies, and wet chemical methods. The product’s primary use will be in chip heat dissipation, military equipment, satellite aerospace, 5G base station equipment. The project has an R&D and management team composed of professional talents.

Anhui Hengjun Powder Metallurgy Polytron Technologies Co Ltd was founded in 2009. The company’s business scope includes powder metallurgy technology research and development, powder metallurgy products, auto parts, motorcycle parts, household electrical appliances parts, electric tools parts, carton packaging, wooden packaging, plastic foam packaging, nickel strip, metal hardware stamping parts, non-ferrous metal accessories, Production and sales of metal composites.

Tango Intelligence’s listed headquarters project settled in Wuxi Taihu Bay Science and Technology Innovation City

On January 18, the signing ceremony of Tango Intelligence’s listed headquarters project occurred in Wuxi Taihu Bay Science and Technology Innovation City.

Dan Liu, CEO of Tango Intelligence, said that the company focuses on researching and developing EDA tools for digital chips and deeply develops technical services related to advanced processes. It is based and rooted in Wuxi Taihu Bay Science and Technology Innovation City, cooperating with upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain and striving to improve the integrated circuit industry’s design efficiency and design level.

Established in 2017, Jiangsu Tango Intelligence focuses on the R&D and sales of self-developed digital chip front- and front-end design tools, FPGA special chips and modules, and integrated circuit design services, and is committed to becoming a leading digital chip design tool enterprise in the world.