Jiangsu FerroTec’s power semiconductor ceramic substrate project signed at Neijiang Economy and Development Zone

Neijiang Economic and Development Zone held a signing ceremony by video with Jiangsu FerroTec Semiconductor Technology Co. Ltd., a subsidiary company of Japan Magnetic Technology Holding Co. Ltd., on its power semiconductor ceramic substrate project with a total investment of 1 billion yuan on February 25th.

Founded in 2018, Jiangsu FerroTec Semiconductor Technology Co. Ltd. is an advanced manufacturing company specializing in the research, manufacture, and sales of power semiconductor copper-clad ceramic carrier plates (AMB, DCB, and DPC). Reportedly the project will build a semiconductor power module ceramic substrate production line with an annual capacity of 10 million pieces, including a copper-clad ceramic power module carrier substrate.



JSG’s SiC substrate wafer production project settled in Yinchuan

The signing ceremony of projects of Yinchuan City 2022 Q1 was held recently. There were 52 promotion and investment projects signed with a total investment of 45.6 billion yuan. These projects are from various areas such as new materials, clean energy, electrical information, and high-end equipment manufacturing.

Settled in Ningxia, Zhejiang JSG Co. Ltd. invested 5 billion yuan into the SiC substrate wafer production project. Planned in two phases; the first phase starts construction in March with a total investment of 3.36 billion yuan. Once in production, the annual capacity will be 400,000 pieces of 6 inch SiC wafer.

Founded in December 2006, JSG is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on manufacturing semiconductor and LED substrate materials.



CR Micro’s industry upgrading series projects signed in Wuxi High-Tech Zone

It is reported that the series of industrial upgrading projects signed this time includes high-end masks. After completing the project, further improvements will be made, such as the high-end links of Wuxi’s semiconductor industry chain. This project and its advances will reinforce Wuxi’s position as an important industrial town in China’s semiconductor industry.

Li Hong, CEO of China Resources Microelectronics, said that Wuxi is the location of China Resources Microelectronics’ operation headquarters and manufacturing center, and it is the root of the company. In the future, we will further strengthen our confidence, deepen our cultivation in Wuxi, and make every effort to promote the implementation of a series of industrial upgrading projects as soon as possible. The company’s new technology upgrade and leap-forward development provide significant assistance for Wuxi’s larger and stronger integrated circuit “landmark industry,” helping join hands to create a better future for the development of the semiconductor industry.



Integrated Circuit projects of ‘Oriental Chip Port’ signed in Shanghai Lingang


‘Oriental Chip Port’ IC projects in Lingang New Area of Shanghai Pilot Zonewere signed on February 28th. There were 22 projects signed with a total investment of 23.3 billion yuan, covering the entire industry chain, such as high-end chip design, key equipment materials, advanced packaging, and testing. Up to now, more than 150 IC enterprises have settled in Lingang New Area with a signed investment of over 200 billion yuan.

Shengjisheng plans to invest 1.8 billion yuan to build its management headquarters that will also house a research and production center of semiconductor equipment, high-end vacuum equipment, measurement, and testing equipment.

Zhuhai Apexmic plans to invest 2.2 billion yuan to build its headquarter building, mainly used to research and develop industry-level and vehicle-level MCU/MPU chips and industry network system-level safety SoC chips.

Shanghai Xinqian IC Co. Ltd. plans to invest 450 million yuan to build the industrialization project of chemical mechanical grinding and polishing pad. It will be applied to IC polishing, large silicon wafer polishing, sapphire, and precision metal polishing.



Several semiconductor projects were signed in Ganzhou

Ganzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone of Jiangxi Province held a signing ceremony of the third batch of investment promotion projects in 2022 on February 28th. Ten projects were signed on-site, with a signing investment of 8.6 billion yuan.

The Shenzhen TenSai Led Technology Co. Ltd. LED and sensor packaging production project is one of the signed projects. The total investment of the project will be 1.5 billion yuan. The project will be mainly engaged in researching, producing, and selling LED products such as LED outdoor display pixel tubes and LED lighting lamps.

The LCD module production project of Dongguan Sanjie Digital Technology Co., Ltd., has an estimated total investment of 1.4 billion yuan will mainly be engaged in researching, production and sales of TN segment code LCD, VA segment code LCD, other types of LCD, large panel LCD and intelligent terminal products.