Shenzhen to Build 8500 5G Base Stations in 2019

Shenzhen City announced recently that it plans to build about 8500 5G base stations in 2019.

China Telecom will adopt an innovative domestic hybrid networking mode that covers the downtown, government and military organizations, transportation hub, etc. Shenzhen will initially adopt the SA+NSA hybrid networking mode and has already opened over 800 5G base stations.

Shenzhen successfully deployed the first China Telecom 5G experimental station in October 2017. This was the first domestic 5G station in China. To date, China Telecom’s 5G network area coverage includes Futian CBD, Baoan Central Area, Huawei Technology Park, etc.

Additionally, Shenzhen Unicom plans to build 3000 5G base stations in Shenzhen this year. Currently, 800 have been built, covering pilot areas such as Futian CBD, Xili, etc.


AR Optical Module Provider, Lochn Optics Completes A-Round Financing

Shenzhen Lochn Optics Technology Corp., recently completed A-round financing, thanks to investments from V-Star Capital, Junsan Capital, and others. Introduced by Guobin Ma, the founder of Lochn Optics, this round of financing will be used to improve the technology development and manufacturing process team and invest in new products development like grating waveguides. Additionally, the company will use some of the funds to build a factory.

Lochn Optics was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Shenzhen. Its core team has over 20 years’ experience in the microdisplay industry. They released See-Through, an optical engine for augmented reality based on its own patent, in 2014. This technology meets the requirement for mass production. They also provided a turnkey solution for Smart Glass in cooperation with an advanced chips manufacturer in China, which can be widely used in healthcare, enterprise business, vehicle electronics, security, logistics and electronics for consumers, etc.