13 foreign investment projects signed in Suzhou

13 foreign-funded projects signed in SuzhouOn May 16, 2022, an online signing ceremony of foreign investment projects occurred in Jiangsu Province. The 13 foreign investment projects have a combined total investment of 2.73 billion dollars. Of these thirteen projects, they include:

  •  UPM’s high-end environment protection materials project
  •  Positec Group’s smart home business project
  • AUO’s new production line and 5G industrial interconnect innovation center
  • ZF Friedrichshafen AG’s automotive chassis parts system project
  • Honeywell’s high-performance material Asia Pacific headquarters project
  • Philips global R&D center project, etc.



Xiqi Technology semiconductor researching production project signed in Dalian

Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Dalian Puwan Economic Zone met with the general manager of silicon Acer Technology Co., Ltd. and his party on May 13. The two sides planned to set up Xiqi Technology semiconductor equipment researching production project in China’s “North Silicon Valley.”

The estimated total investment in the Xiqi Technology semiconductor research project will be 350 million yuan. The project focuses on the assembly and production of Xiqi Technology equipment and the R&D incubation training of 2-inch and 0.5-inch lines of Xiqi Technology’s new products. The 2-inch and 0.5-inch line products are widely used in semiconductors, flat panel display, photovoltaic solar energy, and material application. They have several internationally leading key core technologies.

Xiqi Technology focuses on the development and application of vacuum coating equipment. The enterprise has hundreds of high-end process equipment worldwide, and its customers include TSMC, Qualcomm and Youda, etc.



Weirui VR equipment and optical module project signed in Jiaxing

Weirui VR equipment and optical module project’s online signing ceremony was held in Xiuzhou NationalWeirui VR equipment and optical module High-Tech Zone of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, on May 16.

The project plans to set up a national R&D, production, and sales headquarters in Xiuzhou National High-Tech Zone. In the next five years, Weirui intends to invest about 200 million yuan and increase the investment in fixed assets by about 70 million yuan. Weirui aims to expand production capacity, including expanding the nano imprint production line, improving lithography machine version capacity, and establishing VR module, AR optical waveguide production capacity, and ultra cleanroom laboratory. Sales revenue is estimated to exceed 400 million yuan in 2026, including more than 25% in the intelligent vehicle lighting market and more than 12% in the LiDAR optical components. The overall share of VR optical modules will be 5%, and the stake in the high-end ultra-thin market will be more than 25%.

Jiangxi Weirui Optical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019 by the Department of precision instruments of Tsinghua University. Based on the R&D, innovation, and lean manufacturing of micro nano-optical technology, the company focuses on optical and optoelectronic applications in virtual reality, automotive electronics, and mobile phones. It provides key optical components and overall solutions.



Several projects were signed in Suzhou

projects have investment of 1.3 billion yuanThe online signing ceremony of several high-end equipment technology projects was held in Suzhou High-Tech Zone on May 18, with 1.3 billion yuan. The signed projects include Ruici Technology, Naang Semiconductor, and Simubo Intelligent.

The IC packaging used substrate material project is invested by Suzhou Ruici Technology Co., Ltd. It mainly researches and manufactures integrated circuit chip packaging (quartz crystal oscillator chips and acoustic meter filtering chips, such as lithium tantalate and lithium niobate) ceramic substrate. It is an important bridge connecting the internal chip of high-end semiconductor components and external circuits. It is widely applied in the areas such as wireless communication, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and medical, etc.

Naang Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is mainly committed to researching, producing, and selling chip defect intelligent inspection equipment and supporting products. Its self-developed micro-nano focus X light source can achieve detail resolution within 100nm and has 20 intellectual property rights.



Sensata Technology sensor project signed in Changzhou High-Tech Zone

Two foreign investment projects with a total investment of 135 million dollars were signed in ChangzhouSensata Technology's plans to increase the total investment by 90 million US dollars in sensor project High-Tech Zone on May 16, including the Sensata Technology sensor project.

It’s introduced that this is the third capital increase of Sensata Technology Group in Changzhou High-Tech Zone. Sensata plans to increase the total investment by $90 million and set up a manufacturing and R&D center in Changzhou High-Tech Zone. It intends to improve the grade of its Changzhou R&D center, expand and introduce its R&D team and product investment, and transform its intelligent production lines.

Sensata Technology Group is a sensor solution supplier. Sensata Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. was settled in Changzhou High-Tech Zone in 2004.