Jinchuan Nickel-Metropolis Industrial’s semiconductor packaging project was signed in Lanzhou New Area.

Lanzhou New DistrictThe Western New Material Industry Development Conference was held in Lanzhou New Area on July 5. Lanzhou New Area signed a hydrogen fuel cell full industry chain project, semiconductor packaging material production line construction project, and smart energy project with China Energy Construction, Jinchuan Nickel-Metropolis Industrial, and Huaneng Thermal Power, respectively at the conference.

The project is invested in and constructed by Jinchuan Nickle-Metropolis Industrial, a subsidiary company of Jinchuan Group. Jinchuan Nickel-Metropolis Industrial relies on the copper and precious metal resource advantages of Jinchuan Group. It has a symbiotic relationship with Huatian Group because it depends on the company’s R&D in chip packaging, particularly in “key alloy (copper) line”, “chip packaging tin solder”, and “chip packaging copper heat sink.” Yet, Jinchuan Group also relies on Huatian Group’s investment in constructing chip packaging material production lines. Ultimately, Jinchuan Group’s main products include high-end phosphor copper anode products, semiconductor separation components, and lead frame copper strip products.

China Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd. plans to invest in constructing the Lanzhou New Area hydrogen energy industrial park project in Lanzhou New Area. It is reported that the project will be built in three phases. It is a full industrial park integrating green electricity hydrogen production, hydrogen energy storage, hydrogen transportation, hydrogen application, hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing, and hydrogen energy equipment R&D and manufacturing. The planned park includes an industrial base for green electricity hydrogen production, a hydrogen fuel cell hydrogen energy equipment research and development center, a hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing center, and a hydrogen energy demonstration and application center.



Wenxin Technology’s photosensitive organic film material (photoresist) project settled in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Zhejiang Quzhou and Shanghai Wenxin Technology Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony on its photosensitive organic film (photoresist) on June 28.

The total investment in the project will be 212 million yuan. The capacity of the project will be 1,000 tons of photosensitive organic film materials (photoresist) and 30,000 tons of supporting wet electronic chemicals. It is estimated that the project will start construction before the end of December 2022 and will be completed and put into operation before the end of April 2024.

Shanghai Wenxin Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development manufacturer producing photosensitive organic materials. Its products are used in new displays and advanced semiconductor packaging.



Thirteen projects were signed, and eleven projects started construction in Shandong Province.

Significant investment project signing ceremonies took place in Rizhao City, Shandong Province, at the Digital Smart Industry Service Base project site in Rizhao High Tech Zone. Thirteen projects with a total investment of 9.938 billion yuan were signed, and eleven projects started construction on June 29.

Thirteen projects were signed in the High-Tech Zone, with a total planned investment of 4.8 billion yuan, covering various areas such as high-end equipment manufacturing, new generation information technology, life, health, and modern service industry. The projects include:

  •  Nanjing Rongguang digital twin research and innovation center project
  • Hong Kong Yaheng intelligent wearable device R&D and production project
  • Shenzhen Ruiya intelligent vehicle system R&D and production project
  • Nanjing Jingweida intelligent driving and safety collision avoidance system project
  • Tianjin Huameng smart IoT safety terminal R&D and production project
  • Shenzhen e-ink screen and communication equipment R&D and production project
  • MEMS semiconductor chip metal mask project
  • Shanghai Jiangtian energy supply chain management platform project

Eleven projects with a total planned investment of 5.138 billion yuan started construction, involving high-end equipment manufacturing, new generation information technology, life and health, infrastructure, and other industries. The projects include the digital smart industry service base project, the R&D and manufacturing project of Jinli intelligent transmission system, the R&D and manufacturing project of ZhuojingWei semiconductor testing and semiconductor equipment, the R&D and manufacturing project of new electronic components and special electronic materials of Sailike, the R & D and manufacturing project of Huashili intelligent robot, and the production project of automatic intelligent online equipment of Aomeng.



Chuangyuan Group headquarter base project settled in Shanghai

Chuangyuan Xinke’s Chuangyuan Group headquarter base project was signed in the Songjiang District of Shanghai on June 30.

The Chuangyuan Group’s headquarter base construction project is located on the G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor in the Yangtze River Delta. With the help of 5G/6G and the east wind of the development of G60 in the Yangtze River Delta, the company has intensely cultivated wireless communication and millimeter wave technology, led by innovation, and focused on the development of 5G/6G communication, satellite navigation testing, semiconductor RF chip testing, internet of vehicles testing, radio detection, millimeter wave chips, and modules, network security, and other industries. It will form a headquarters economy integrating R&D and production.