Asian markets are becoming more and more attractive to Western companies, but they should remember not to be hasty when expanding or embarking on a new campaign.

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We spoke with Ina about Asia PR and social media and she gave us two valuable takeaways to think about before her roundtables.


Prioritize your Market

One mistake that many Western companies make when entering Asia markets, is they fail to recognize that each country in Asia has its own culture and communication style.

Doing business in Japan is much different than doing business in China and Taiwan.

Even in countries with similar languages, there are differences which need to be recognized. For example, Mandarin is spoken in both China and Taiwan, but the written form of each language is unique to the region. China uses a simplified style of the written Mandarin and Taiwan uses the traditional written form.

Seemingly small differences to Westerners can have a major impact on the success of a marketing campaign targeting Eastern audiences. Prioritize your specific market(s) by getting specific about your business goals, and then tailor your messaging to the specific region where you are looking to do business.


Dedicate a Resource

Secondly, companies need to have a dedicated resource to build relationships face-to-face.

Many media outlets in the Western world are fine with phone calls and online interviews but in Asian countries like Japan, for example, editors prefer meeting with people face-to-face. They want to see that you value the market enough to spend time with them in-person.

This is why it’s important to have a representative, or dedicated PR resource, who is familiar with the variances in cultures between regions and can share the story of your brand and ensure the best possible chance for media coverage.

In Sum, remember there is no “One-Size-Fits-All.” No matter your campaign, every region and country have their own culture and norms that need to be recognized for PR and social media success in Asia.

There are unique social media channels specific to areas with small footprints that present opportunities as well, but only if you focus your market and have a dedicated resource with insights into these opportunities.

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