Unigroup and China Telecom Sign Collaboration Agreement to Develop 5G

Unigroup and China Telecom signed a strategic collaboration in Nanjing On April 28, 2019, to improve the information level under 5G technology, and to set up the United Innovation Center.

Unigroup’s chip division, Unisemicon offers a competitive advantage on chip technology to support a safe Internet of Things (IoT) environment (secure payment, car interconnection, memory, etc.). China Telecom is the leader in the communication industry. The goal of the collaboration is to push IoT development.

The Unigroup chip, developed by Unisemicon, was the first domestic chip to pass the China Telecom eSIM safety card issuing ability test. The two organizations already have an established collaboration focused on eSIM safety cards. By sharing resources, they plan to explore technology and service development of Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios to build a smart IoT environment.

(Source: https://laoyaoba.com/newinfo?id=713986)

Anhui Bengbu Launches 16 Projects totaling 7.3 Billion Yuan

A ground-breaking ceremony and signing of 16 projects was held April 28, 2019, in the Bengshan District of Bengbu, Anhui Province. Ten projects kicked off with a total investment of 6.2 billion yuan. Six additional project agreements totaling 1.2 billion yuan were signed. The industries impacted include new materials, electronic information, health, and wellness.

The foundation was laid for Bengshan’s semiconductor scientific park project. Upon completion, the project, totaling 1.1 billion yuan, will house six companies involved in photoelectricity, communication, network component manufacturing, research, and sales.

Phase One of Hikeen Technology’s manufacturing base, a 320 million yuan project, is also underway. It will provide manufacturing for main control boards, hardware, and supporting software for display products. Upon completion, annual revenue is expected to reach 800 million yuan.

Additionally, projects for BECK Technology backlight modules, Huaweishuo IC packaging, and Zhonghang Electronics sensors were signed the same day.

(Source: https://laoyaoba.com/newinfo?id=713999)