Tsinghua Unigroup Expands Into DRAM

Tsinghua Unigroup announced plans to organize a DRAM business group to broaden its memory business beyond NAND. Shijing Diao was appointed director Qiquan Gao as CEO of the new business group.

Currently, Uniqroup’s core business is divided between “chip and cloud” applications. The chip area is divided into memory, integrated circuits (ICs) and safety chips. Enterprises such as YMTC and Unigroup comprise the memory division.

This brings the total number of Chinese memory companies to three: YMTC, a division of Unigroup, focuses on 3D NAND flash memory, CXMT focuses on DRAM, and Fujian Jinhua focuses on specialty DRAM such as NOR Flash, SRAM, etc. YMTC has successfully developed 32 layers 3D NAND chip with its innovative X-tacking technology.


Alibaba Announced Breakthrough in AI for Cardiovascular Recognition

Alibaba announced technology breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) for cardiovascular recognition technology with a higher degree of difficulties. It uses a discriminant coronary tracking model comprising a 3D convolution neural network that uses 3D features to iteratively identify in-tact vessels in the mage and correctly distinguish between the veins and coronary arteries.

“After studying tens of thousands of training samples, Alibaba AI can extract a single coronary artery in only 0.5 seconds and the complete coronary tree in less than 20 seconds without manual interaction. The efficiency is improved by almost a hundred times compared with the traditional method.” said by Alibaba’s AI head.


Applied Materials and Wuhan Tianma Collaborate on G6 Project

AVIC International announced that Wuhan Tianma has signed an agreement with Applied Materials to collaborate on G6 project (Phase II), for which Applied Materials will manufacture PECVD tools and parts. The G6 project is so-named for being the world’s first 6th generation AMOLED production line that simultaneously illuminates rigid and flexible displays.

Wuhan Tianma is a non-wholly owned subsidiary company of AVIC International. Wuhan Tianma invested to build G6 product line in 2015, the first Generation 6 AMOLED product line lighting the rigid and flexible display screen and officially shipped to customers in June 2018.

Wuhan Tianma needs PECVD and related equipment and components for its G6 project (Phase II), Applied Materials will provide the equipment which Tianma needs.