To use responsive design or not to use responsive design?

that is not a question…

How do you achieve a mobile optimized site?

1. mobile


A mobile website lives at m.URL or mobile.URL.While it might work great on mobile devices, you now have two websites to build and maintain, which is not very cost effective.

2. fluid


The layout of a fluid website is based on a percentage of the browser display. A column set at 33% width will automatically resize itself to that percentage of the browser window, regardless of the device type.

3. adaptive


In an adaptive website, elements are organized based on predefined rules specific to monitor, notebook, tablet and smartphone screen sizes.

4. responsive


Responsive design combines the advantages of both fluid and adaptive designs and is the recommended option for a seamless browsing experience across all platforms.

Why choose responsive design?


of your visitors use a mobile device.


are more likely to buy or convert after visiting a mobile friendly site.


look elsewhere if the website is not mobile friendly.


agree that a frustrating experience on a mobile device hurts brand perception.

Desktop Vs. Mobile Internet usage

Global mobile Vs. Desktop Internet user projection, 2007-2015 (Morgan Stanley Research)



Optimized sites create more engagement



It’s all about creating an appropriate, enjoyable, task-driven experience. 

What are the advantages of responsive design for the owner?


Maximizes website visibility due to improved SEO and performance.


Saves money


Enhances brand perception


Saves time


Maximizes your money-making potential as it accounts for the trending migration to mobile use.

What are the advantages of responsive design for the user?


Saves time


No Zooming


No Pinching


No side scrolling


Good UI

What do the experts say?

Google recommends responsive web design as its preferred mobile configuration; referring to it as the industry best-practice web design. This is because content that lives on one website at one URL is much easier for users to share, interact with, and link to than content that lives on a separate mobile site. 

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