This week, the B2B Marketing Minute by Kiterocket looks at how the semiconductor industry is changing as digital makes deep impact. Traditionally, most of the top semiconductor companies are 5 to 10 years out of sync with best marketing practices. However, Sander Arts, Chief Marketing Officer at Atmel, has bucked that trend. In this episode, we ask him:

  • What do you consider your marketing philosophy to be? How has it changed over time?
  • What skills and viewpoints have you learned from other marketing positions you have held, and how have they have prepared you for your current role?
  • What kind of cultural changes have you seen in the relationship/dynamics between marketing and IT during your career?
  • How are you using digital marketing at Atmel? What sorts of communication channels do you leverage?
  • What does your current marketing department look like? Do you have a separation between online and offline?
  • What are the big changes you introduced to the way Atmel markets to its customers?
  • How has your online presence evolved in the last few years?
  • If there were one thing you could do to reinvent marketing, what would it be?