This week in the Solar Marketing Think Tank, social and content marketing influencer Steve “@Steveology” Farnsworth interviews me on the “B2B Marketing Show by Kiterocket,” a new vlog series on our main website blog.

Steve asks me how solar marketing is changing as digital makes deeper and deeper impacts. We also discuss how different solar market segments must educate customers, build trust and create community to convert more of their customers. In this 20-minute talk, Steve asks me:

• What do you consider your marketing philosophy, and how has it changed?
• As digital marketing evolves, how are solar brands’ marketing departments changing?
• How has the relationship of an agency and the client changed in the last 10 years?
• What are the biggest marketing challenges—and opportunities—in renewable energy right now?
• How do you use social media platforms to your advantage?
• How has your online presence evolved?
• How else do you see digital marketing developing over the next three to five years?
• Tell me about why you call yourself “Solar Fred,” and why I see you wear a hat in all of your photos.