WLCSP Completes Tender Offer of Dutch Wafer-Level Optics Company

WLCSP recently announced that it has completed the acquisition of Netherlands-based Anteryon and its shares. WLCSP put up €32.25 million in exchange for 73% of Anteryon’s stock.

Anteryon is a world-leading manufacturer of wafer-level optical modules. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of micro-size wafer-level optical components that achieve high refraction, accuracy, integration, and reliability. Its technology plays an important role in depth recognition, diffractive optical elements, micro-lens array, and more.

Upon completion of the acquisition, WLCSP’s sensor business and the current market will be complemented by Anteryon’s core semiconductor manufacturing technology, materials, and mass production capability.

(Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/qo5mZD29or-X3n18SKs3sA)

Nanochap Releases Multifunctional Neurostimulation Chip

Hangzhou’s Nanochap announced the introduction of TENS-NS4, a multifunctional neurostimulation chip that stimulates the body’s nerve fiber network and muscle tissue through biphasic current, realizing multifunctions of massage analgesia, muscle rehabilitation, etc.

Founded in 2014, Nanochap focuses on the development of neurostimulation and biological sensor chips. Eighteen months went into designing TENS-NS4. The chip has multiple stimulation modes to support every end application. Its TENS function has four stimulation modes. Its EMS muscle current stimulation function offers two modes.

(Source: https://laoyaoba.com/newinfo?id=708524)