2020 pulled the rug from under us but it’s propelling what matters most to the surface: caring about people and our planet. Americans are experiencing triple the stress during the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s no wonder. Holidays, birthdays, graduations and numerous milestone celebrations just aren’t the same under COVID-19’s shadow. This holiday season and beyond, more Americans are making a conscious effort to send their loved ones meaningful and sustainable self-care gifts that hopefully eases some of that stress.

We scoured the internet for thoughtful, and sustainable gifts, that are good for the soul, while some supporting charitable causes. Kiterocket offers our top 10 selections of affordable do-good and feel-good gifts for under $100:

Help Them Work Hard, Play Hard at Home

WFH Care Package

WFH Care Package, for only $36, available from Packed with Purpose

It’s hard to separate work from personal life these days. More than 40% of Americans now work from home since the pandemic began. This WFH care package arrives in a recyclable box filled with healthy snacks and games to help break up the day. The goodies are eco-friendly with many giving back to various charities supporting minority and women-owned businesses.

Wake Up The Coffee Lover

NuTraditions Coffee

Good Morning SunshineTM Coffee Pods from NuTraditions for $35 a box

Help the coffee lover in your life power through their day and stress less with organic coffee from NuTraditions. There are 10 coffee pods in a box – each infused with red ginseng extract to work alongside the caffeine and provide energy so you don’t need refills throughout the day. The fair-trade coffee supports the farmers who grow the beans and both the pods and the cardboard box they come in are recyclable. And, full disclosure, the maker of this coffee is a client, but we fell in love with the product and will never drink plain old coffee again.

 Liven Their Home with Houseplants

The Sill Indoor Plants

Gift indoor plants from The Sill with prices as low as $14

House plants help us link with nature as we long for the outdoors while cooped up indoors. The Sill ships across the lower 48 and sources from local growers which helps support small business struggling during the pandemic. Plants bring peace and life into the home. They also make us happier and detoxify the air we breathe. Your loved one will soon find that when they take care of a plant, it will take care of them too.

Exercise Bands to Keep Them Healthy and Strong

Resistance exercise bandsLetsFit exercise bands give a full body workout for just $24

It’s hard to not be a slouch on the couch when most gyms are closed and traditional home-gym exercise equipment is routinely out of stock. LetsFit resistance exercise bands are so versatile they provide a full body workout and are a great alternative for heavy and expensive exercise machines. The resistance bands are made from latex so they’re biodegradable and better for the environment too!

Pencils They Can Plant

Plantable colored pencilsSustainable pencil stubs sprout into plants from Sprout, at $17

Perfect for kids and the artist in your life, each graphite and colored pencil is equipped with a biodegradable seed capsule that can be planted when it’s too short to use. The pencils are made from sustainable and certified wood. Each pack comes with eight pencils that transform into luscious flowers, fragrant herbs and fresh vegetables.

Nature’s Candy to Sweeten Their Day

Blooming lollipopsSeed-bearing lollipops from Amborella Organics for $27

A memorable treat indeed! These delightful organic lollies come in a pack of 12 and have edible herbs and flowers woven throughout. Kid friendly and adult approved, plant the lollipop sticks and watch them grow into herbs and flowers.

Because You Miss their Pets Too

Bamboo pet bowlsDylan Kendall eco-friendly bamboo fiber pet bowls start at $10

Pet’s love nature and have a paw up on us when it comes to living sustainable lives. Dylan Kendall’s eco-friendly pet bowls are made from leftover sawdust from chopstick factories so they’re 100% renewable, good for the planet and Fido approved.

A Grill to Encourage Time in the Yard

Eco-friendly Grill

Eco-friendly Hero portable grill for $99.95

Compact and lightweight, the HERO grill is great for the backyard or a campsite. The eco-friendly charcoal grill is made from ceramic and bamboo and it uses plant-based charcoal pods that extinguishes easily with water.

Socks to Keep Their Tootsies Warm

Conscious Step Ethical Socks

Conscious Step sock box at $45

Let’s face it – socks are worn more often than shoes these days. Conscious Step’s sock box aims to help you change the world with every step. Each box contains three pairs of socks, and $1 from every purchase benefits animal conservation groups protecting dogs, elephants and sharks. Plus, the fair-trade socks are made from organic cotton.

Storage Bags for all That Home Cookin’

Reusable Silicone Bags7 Variety Pack from The Absolute Kitchen for $36

Kitchens are getting a lot more miles with more people preparing meals at home. The Absolute Kitchen’s reusable silicone food storage bags are a best seller on Etsy. The plastic-free bags are freezer and microwave safe and you never have to worry about finding those missing lids again.

You don’t have to break the bank to show someone you care about their well-being. Eco-friendly and cause-based gifts go a long way in encouraging others to live sustainable lives. As staying home and social distancing is the norm for the near future, sustainable gifts that help us feel connected make all the difference.