Packaged Goods

Food and beverage goods are a Kiterocket staple. We support many brands found on the shelves of specialty grocers, big-box retailers, health food stores, beverage depots and more. We understand seasonal buying cycles, retail trials, shelf space, sell-through velocity and, most importantly, what today’s consumer wants to consume and how to put our clients in their purchase path.


We love dining out. We represent a variety of restaurants, from iconic chains to start-up concepts making their market entry. Influencer dinners, food-critic reviews, grand-opening events, pop-ups and strategic local store marketing (LSM) are second nature to us, ensuring ideas are always served fresh and cover counts hit all-time highs.

Your core team

Rebecca Mosley 

Managing Partner

Jamie Campbell

Managing Director, Consumer

Chelsea Ongaro

Account Director

Daniela Vizcarra

Account Manager

Danielle Grobmeier

Account Manager

Miranda Ashland

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Brooke Parker

Senior Account Executive

Mason Miller

Senior Account Executive

Steve McCarthy

Account Executive

Gillian Haviland

Account Executive

Brands we’ve
partnered with

As a marketing consultant, one of my first tasks when taking on new projects was to always hire this food and beverage PR team. I partnered with them on numerous brands and they delivered every time. The know the category extremely well, and always jumped in ready to hit the ground running and generate results.

– Stacey Donahue, Marketing Consultant