We are communication strategists, publicists, designers, writers, developers, social media experts and inquisitive thinkers. We are technophiles, world travelers, environmentalists, epicureans, scientists and fitness junkies.

We know our clients’ markets. We know the players, and we know how to make ideas take flight.

From launching startups to enhancing global household names, we elevate our clients’ brands through bold, honest, memorable work.

Agency History

Kiterocket was established in 2016 through the merger of Impress Labs and Duo Public Relations, two successful specialty PR agencies.

The managing partners met through membership in Public Relations Boutiques International. While each entity was successful in its own right, they knew that together, they could be stronger.

Now retired, the Impress Labs and Duo PR brands live on as Kiterocket. Same leadership, same drive, same spirit, new name, and one big family:

Kiterocket Nation.


Impress Labs, founded by Martijn Pierik and Dave Richardson in 2005, made its mark in international public relations and marketing, particularly within semiconductor, solar, and life science verticals. The company also housed full-service creative and digital marketing divisions, allowing for a truly integrated PR approach using SEO, content marketing, social media, graphic design, web/app development, production and more.


Duo PR, founded by Amanda Foley and Rebecca Mosley in 2004, established a reputation for deep consumer PR knowledge, with a specialty focus on national and regional clients in the food and beverage, travel, and health and wellness industries. The company managed a prestigious client roster focused on traditional media relations, influencer marketing, events and social media.

What’s your destination X?

Every company has an endgame in mind. We call it Destination X.

Understanding Destination X is the most important aspect of any marketing initiative and is critical to a successful partnership. Without it, both parties rarely arrive at a mutually agreed upon location. With it, we’re on our way to maximizing your return-on-marketing investment—something that benefits us both.



Define your destination

Your marketing goals are tied to business goals. As a team, we need to understand your organization’s objectives and its ultimate end game. What is our destination?


Focus on your drivers

From a business perspective, there are usually catalysts that trigger an organization to set a new course. This could be new products, new competitors or a CEO’s lightning strike of inspiration. What is driving you toward your Destination X?


Understand your true starting point

Beyond a standard brand assessment, we need to gather all the available market intelligence to understand your present situation. To reach a destination, we must understand the origin.


Identify your movers

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. In our journey, we need to identify influential people, communities and partners to help us go beyond where we could on our own.


Create your itinerary

Never set out without a plan. Before we set out, we need to understand the route—the hazards and shortcuts—and develop an itinerary so we know when we should arrive at our destination.


Embark on the journey

Strike out on your journey with the bold confidence that you will reach Destination X.