CHALLENGE: Expand Presence in China

The high-level goal of this project was to establish Entegris’ presence and visibility in the China semiconductor market. The U.S.-based company had been present in China for many years, but this year it was announced that it had established a partnership with a local company in order to more quickly serve the needs of local customers. To expand the company’s brand in China, we had to open up more channels of communication and more access to press opportunities.


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Public Relations
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Strategy: Cater to the Local Media Market

We have successfully helped multiple international brands break into Asia’s semiconductor market using a customized approach to PR that is adapted to the local media culture. Importantly, we maintain deep industry and media relationships in China that we can leverage for our clients.

For this project, by following this five-step approach, we were able to support Entegris in its China expansion effort:

  1. Speak the local language
  2. Meet the media face to face
  3. Host a press conference
  4. Engage regularly
  5. Hold PR activities in major cities

The major PR activity we focused on was a media event at SEMICON China. Engaging members of the media often takes multiple outreach attempts and several invitations to attend events before they become familiar enough with the company brand and/or product to engage. Knowing this ahead of time, we performed due diligence in laying the groundwork with local media for several years before introducing them to Entegris and explaining what the company brings to the semiconductor market, particularly the local market.

Results: Media Conference = Coverage Success

At SEMICON China 2017, we executed a very successful second formal press event for Entegris. Eleven editors from 10 publications attended the conference, which is a high turnout for this show and well exceeded attendance at previous events. Nine of the attending 10 editors wrote articles immediately following the event, including our three primary targets to reach government and industry trade audiences.

One of the publications in attendance was Xinhua News Agency, a highly regarded agency and the official press agency of the People’s Republic of China. The Xinhua editor published an excellent summary of the press event, which was ultimately picked up and reposted many times by other major publications. In Q1 2017 alone, when the SEMICON China briefing took place, there were 61 pieces of news coverage and/or articles about Entegris in China, a 74% increase from 2016.


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