Everyone who is part of the semiconductor industry knows that SEMICON West is considered to be a significant trade show for meeting the industry movers and shakers. If SEMICON West is on your 2022 trade show agenda, you might be wondering how early you should begin preparing for it. SEMICON West 2022 takes place July 12-14, 2022, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. That’s slightly more than nine weeks away. So if you haven’t started planning yet, it’s more than time to start thinking about it. Here are some tips to get you started.

Make the Most of SEMICON West

Does your trade show planning receive the same level of care and attention as a valuable business deal you might be closing on? The amount of work that goes into exhibiting or participating at a trade show is often underestimated. With so many moving parts, there are lots of details that can make or break the experience for you and your customers. Beyond the logistical considerations, your team must figure out how to cultivate meaningful conversations and connections during the show.

There are several ways to make the most of your SEMICON West experience. The most crucial step is to outline your goals for the show. If they revolve around sales and revenue, such as scheduling a certain number of meetings with current or prospective clients, work with your sales team to determine your strategies and conduct training if necessary. The goals you develop early on will help guide your entire show investment.

From there, you can decide what level of involvement is needed. Would it be more valuable to walk the show floor and strike up conversations that appear more natural? Host a presentation to demonstrate your expertise? Have a booth that showcases your technical capabilities and products? Host a customer event?

Combining strategies and involvement levels will help you get the most out of SEMICON West. You might find a presentation helps establish your company’s credibility, but a booth might directly draw in interest from potential customers. There are also networking opportunities such as private parties and receptions, designed to offer a more casual setting for business meetings and elevate your SEMICON experience. Investing in these curated experiences can provide great value for you and your team.

If you plan to exhibit, you’ll have a different set of considerations to maximize your SEMICON West attendance. Leave plenty of time to oversee your booth design and layout, and identify, develop, and print marketing collateral (this could be brochures, one-pagers, newsletters, etc.), and merchandise (who doesn’t love swag?). Strong booth and collateral design and premium giveaways will complement and elevate your brand presence.

Planning Your SEMICON Attendance

Three to four months before the show is the prime time to begin proactively conducting outreach efforts to your customers, prospective clients, broader industry network, and media. However if you haven’t started the process yet, it’s’ not too late. Outreach can come in the form of invitations for meetings or a customer event, creating and publishing social media posts, pitching media opportunities, and other marketing efforts such as e-blasts. If you aren’t promoting your presence at the show, you risk a lower turnout and fewer meetings.

During the show, be aware of key events taking place that could serve as networking opportunities such as SEMI’s networking receptions, or by accepting invitations to parties that take place after the show. This offers a more intimate and organic environment to meet key industry players. At some point during the show while you are conversing with people, take a moment to step back and think beyond your company goals and bring in some personal elements to the conversation. There is immense value in face-to-face engagement, we have learned this throughout the pandemic and the lesson continues to shine through. Whether this engagement comes from catching up with old friends and colleagues or making new connections, you are curating a more genuine presence that can bring you even further to your goals.

After the show, personalized follow-ups are critical! Don’t neglect your new leads. Even a simple outreach will create or prolong the connections made at the show. This can be done by sending an email, scheduling a follow-up meeting, or calling those you met during the show. With this engagement, you are actively showing your contacts that you value their time and would like to continue the conversation.

There are many elements and different approaches for how you can elevate your presence at SEMICON West 2022. The sure-fire way to maximize your SEMICON West experience is to find which approach works best for your company. Be sure to stop by the reception desk a the Kiterocket Lounge at B Restaurant and Bar and mention this article for a free marketing consultation. Or better yet, contact me here to schedule a meeting. We can’t wait to see you at the show!