Jessica Fishman is passionate about the energy transition being essential for the future of our planet, as well as serving as an unrealized source of economic opportunity. While most people might find topics about the fundamentals of our energy infrastructure boring, Fishman lights up and can get anyone interested in the topic.

“After nearly a century of stagnation, we are at a watershed moment for the way we power the world,” she said. “The innovation that has happened with clean energy in just the past two decades is more than we have seen since the first power station was created in 1882 or the first combustion engine vehicle in 1853. But I don’t think most people are aware of the massive advancements that are happening in the field or even realize the possibilities. It is our role as communicators to help people not only understand the transformative potential of clean energy technology, but to also get them excited about it by demonstrating how it benefits their lives.”

Now as the Director of Renewable Energy and newest member of Kiterocket’s Sustainable Living team, Jessica can focus on generating that awareness by driving strategy and communication efforts for the agency’s renewable energy clients.

“I am excited to join the Kiterocket team because our vision for a sustainable future is closely aligned,” said Fishman. “Kiterocket is committed to partnering with brands that are bettering the quality of life for all and representing global leaders in the energy transition. As a team, we will support current and future clients in the renewable energy sector and raise awareness to how their technology is helping the world achieve critical climate goals.”

Jessica understands the many challenges in accomplishing this. “As a society, we are comfortable with our current energy system. It’s convenient for us. We flip a switch, and a light turns on. Well, society also used to be comfortable with typewriters and rotary phones. But after seeing how innovations can improve our lives, we began to expect continual advancement. Along the way, we stopped expecting that from energy. So, we need to spark people’s imaginations again for what is possible with clean energy – like with onsite energy production, battery aggregation, and energy trading.”

With a decade of experience marketing for renewable energy companies, her strategic planning and tactical approach is proven and pragmatic. She has a systematic approach to understanding complex technology, the surrounding ecosystem, and larger business goals to develop creative and effective marketing.

Her confidence and track record of building awareness for clean energy clients comes not only from her professional experience, but also from her personal commitment. She lives a plant-based lifestyle, drives an electric hybrid vehicle, and is building a high-performance, energy-efficient house. She also volunteers at several organizations dedicated to helping both experienced professionals and a new generation of workers transition their careers into climate tech. “I’ve been extremely lucky to turn my passion for preventing and mitigating climate collapse into my career, but when I started out in clean tech there were not many opportunities in the field and there definitely weren’t organizations like these to help people in their career paths. It’s great to now be in a position where I can help others and meet so many brilliant people who want to dedicate their talents to climate solutions. It provides me with a lot of hope and inspiration.”

Future generations take note. Linking passion and profession is a road to success.

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