Catching the Sun photo

Dear Solar Marketing Think Tank Members,

We’re thrilled to announce and support the theatrical release of the new documentary by Shalini Kantayya, Catching the Sun.

The film features solar industry leaders and champions like Danny Kennedy, Jigar Shah, David Crane and Van Jones as well as the personal stories of workers, advocates and entrepreneurs.

The film speaks to one of the biggest questions of our time: Can the U.S. consistently support the creation of hundreds of thousands of stable, well-paying jobs in clean energy, accelerate economic recovery, and even spur prosperity? While the ultimate answer to that question has not been determined, this film gives the solar industry an opportunity to gather together for screenings and to energize the conversation. Here’s the preview:

Catching the Sun will open April 1 at Cinema Village in New York City, and sneak peek screenings will be taking place April 4-21 in cities across the U.S.

Special offer for solar companies 

The filmmakers are offering discounted bulk tickets for individuals or companies that wish to sponsor a showing at a local participating theater. If you’re interested in sponsoring a local event for employees, friends, families, and/or partners, please fill out this brief form and the film team will follow up. These sponsored screenings would make a great, low-cost educational staff outing for any solar company.

Individual tickets are also on sale in select cities, while crowdsourced screenings are being organized in other cities/locations. Get yours and spread the word. 

To encourage your colleagues, friends and family to get tickets, you can “Like” and share news about the film on Facebook at and on Twitter via @suncatchermovie. #Suncatcher

Here’s a suggested sample Facebook post:

Join us at theaters in April for CatchingTheSunMovie, a film shining light on solar! Get your tickets now: #SUNCATCHER

If you’re on Twitter:

Join us at theaters in April for @suncatchermovie, a film shining light on solar! Get tickets now: #SUNCATCHER

Compelling and timely, Catching the Sun has the potential to educate, inspire and empower communities to accelerate the transition to clean energy. We hope you will join us and spark a conversation about solar in your city.