It’s day one of our new agency, Kiterocket. This adventure began when the four founders met at a PRBI conference three years ago and hit it off. We legally merged in April 2016 and spent the last year imagining what our new agency can and will be.

Our vision is simple to state and ambitious to reach:

Partner with great companies. Do great work. Make a difference. Leave our mark on the industry.

Building from our previous agencies, we now begin our commitment to fulfill our vision as Kiterocket, with our people at the heart.

Internally, we call ourselves Kiterocket Nation. We come from diverse backgrounds. We have colleagues throughout the globe. We have common interests and individual viewpoints, which equally add strength to achieving our shared goals.

These are our guiding tenets:

  • Be Curious. Own the problem. Do your homework. Inquire, listen, research, look for insights. Knowledge is power.
  • Be Purposeful. Everything you do, every word you write, every image you design or action you take should be significant and full of meaning.
  • Be Bold. Go beyond conventional thought or action. Do things that stand out and do them with conviction.
  • Be Memorable. The best ideas leave a permanent imprint on the mind. Make people remember you, your ideas, your work.
  • Be Honest. All brands should be built on truth. Be open, genuine and transparent.
  • Be Confident. Trust your abilities. You’re here for a reason.
  • Be Focused. Keep your intentions, actions and efforts directed. Remember your purpose and work relentlessly toward it.
  • Be One. We’re all on the same team and share common goals. Our potential is best realized when we all work together.
  • And of course, have fun!

Our road ahead is bright and promising, and we thank all those who’ve traveled with us so far. You kept our tanks full and put us on the map.

To learn more about our new agency, read the press release or click away around the site.

Annnd, we’re off!