Kacey Wilson

Senior Account Executive

What are your primary responsibilities at Kiterocket?

I conduct media relations for my clients, manage agency-client relations, coordinate events, and work on digital campaigns. I would say my job is really about capturing the best from my clients, their best stories, successes, and insights, and getting them out to the public through the media or in social media that best suits the client’s business objectives.Kacey Wilson with Kiterocket colleagues, Madeline and Alyssa

So Kacey, this is your first job in agency public relations. As you look back over your first year, what has made the biggest impression on you?

How much I have learned! I have gained so much experience in such a short time. The nature of this business means you are tasked with many different assignments and moving between them with confidence is always my goal. I have helped launch a client’s IPO, have dived deep into the benefits of solar energy and solar technology, and I’ve helped clients manage communications about the Inflation Reduction Act. It’s been a whirlwind, but I am enjoying it.

How do you manage all those different activities?

By trusting in my team. One important thing I’ve learned at Kiterocket is that public relations is a collaborative endeavor. So, communications are critical. If I don’t know, I ask. It’s always about team success and I am grateful to work with some amazing people.

Within the agency, you are known for your excellence in client relations. What is the secret to your success?

I want my client contacts to know that my agency can help them. I want them to know that we are there for them, whatever they need, whatever challenges they face. So building trust with clients is absolutely critical. And, for me, trust is built by always being available to my clients, and by being successful in meeting their expectations. Our success for our clients generates trust. It also lifts the visibility within companies for our client contacts. To me, it is important that my client contacts shine within their companies. My success for them should also be their success with their job.

Communications programs are often not the primary concern of clients. Sometimes wrangling their attention can be tough. How do you make sure they are getting you what you need to be successful for them?

You have to know when to push, and when not to push. It’s a delicate balance at times. We must remember that communications and marketing is only part of what our clients are dealing with day after day. One strategy that I have is to give my clients the longest possible lead time on assignments. I generally do not want to rush them or force them to do more work than necessary. So, in the best case, I like to give them a long lead time and regular reminders of deadlines. If you can keep a regular rhythm on your accounts, it makes it easier when rush requests inevitably come. You want rush requests to be as infrequent as possible.

Any final thoughts for people starting out in public relations?

Be open to new experiences. Trust the people you work with to help you. Don’t be afraid to learn new skills. Constantly learning different industries is what makes this job so exciting. It’s forever changing, but that’s the glory of it all!